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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Preparing for Winter

My fingers go numb with October's first frost.

Where is life?

Why does my blood not flow

from heart to fingertips?

A long distance, to be sure, but still.


Isn't that how it usually works?


Well, I can kvetch all winter long

and it won't warm up my hands.

I need a new solution.


Movement, for example.

Jumping jacks.

I'll leap from the chair and bounce!

Or remain seated and flex the fingers

as I make a heart connection


I will live in my opening heart

and send live wires of sensed energy

coursing along the lines and pathways

of my body's ocean.


Or else, to bring a little warmth to my hands,

I'll steal it from my partner's heated back.

He'll never miss it,

with that fiery furnace burning in his chest.

I rest my hands, fingers spread,

on his hot skin

until his heat becomes my own.



Copyright 2013 Ann Tudor

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