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Sunday, January 7, 2018

No Straight Path

By mistake after mistake

our lives take place.

At every intersection

we are forced to choose.

And at every juncture, by choosing,

we create a road not taken,

an alternate universe that might have led us,


into an uncharted way—

though they are all (for that's the point)



The question is:

where would we have ended up

if we had chosen any of the other pathways?

Could I conceivably have found my true self

(the one I am closing in on during these late years)

could I have found her

if I'd angled differently at any point in my life?


I have to be grateful

for the hunches and nudges

that guided me this way and that—

sometimes against all reason—

and brought me to this table,

this notebook,

this pen,

this writing.


Copyright © 2018 Ann Tudor
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